Commute switch

It’s a moment of stillness, a moment of bliss - a long breath taking in the beauty of the dawn or dusk, before a first step onto the platform, and into the chaos of life.....

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Bouquet Switch

Bouquet is inspired by the muted, soft tones of dried flowers and draws inspiration from the design language of ikebana (生け花)......

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Poseidon switch

Poseidon switch is designed by and is inspired by Poseidon, the God of the sea in Greek mythology. Three different blues ........

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【Coming soon】Hades switch

Shop The Collection is a studio headquartered in China,It is composed of more than a dozen like-minded keyboard is committed to bringing more and better keyboard related products to the keyboard community

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Wonderful fingertip experience

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PCBs & Kits

Exquisite kit and practical PCB

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Provide beautiful key caps for your keyboard

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Your table star!

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Comprehensive mechanical keyboard accessories

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