【In stock】Daisy switch

Air Fresheners are blended with the POM during the cooling process. The switches will provide a nature daisy smell.

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【In stock】Black Knight Magnetic Switch

High cost performance magnetic switchdrinks....

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【In stock】Fuyu switch

On the fuyu switch, we used the latest cross stem mold from wikuo/lichicx, which has undergone multiple modifications and adjustments before its official launch to ensure the best feeling can be achieved......

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Moyu.studio is a studio headquartered in China,It is composed of more than a dozen like-minded keyboard lovers.Moyu.studio is committed to bringing more and better keyboard related products to the keyboard community

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Wonderful fingertip experience

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PCBs & Kits

Exquisite kit and practical PCB

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Provide beautiful key caps for your keyboard

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Your table star!

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Comprehensive mechanical keyboard accessories

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